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Apart from all our other areas of expertise we at Constellation Marine Services survey different types of ships ranging from Roll On Roll Off ships to Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers. Our Ship Surveys are carried out on all sizes of ship’s including small coasters to very large crude carrier (VLGC).

Ship surveys appointed to us are carried out by our specialized team who perform the job on time and with sincere dedication. Team members appointed for ship surveys have a vast knowledge and experience of the types of ship and the survey to be performed. Apart from the survey we carry out we also ensure timely and well presented reports which is one of our code of honor.

Ship Inspection Dubai: Following types of ship surveys are few of the many types of surveys carried out by our team:

1)      Pre Purchase Condition Survey

2)      On Hire Off Hire Survey

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1) Ship Inspection Dubai | Pre Purchase Condition Survey:

When Constellation Marine Surveyors are appointed to carry out a ship pre purchase condition survey not only the performance and operating condition of the ship is checked but also thorough inspection of vessel’s structure and watertight integrity is carried out. List of all equipment along with deficiencies and recommendations are provided in the report. The main reason for carrying out such a survey is for the client to know whether it is beneficial to him to purchase the ship. Hence it is also called the buyer’s survey report where approx market value has to be assigned to the vessel.

In order for our Surveyors to conduct the required Superficial ship Condition Survey, please ensure that the Owners of the vessel and/or their Brokers are aware of the following requirements, which are to be passed on to the vessel’s Master and Chief Engineer.

The requirements are:

Please request your client to obtain permission from the Owners and to instruct the Master that we require full access to the vessel and all records, reports, Classification information, maintenance records and certificates, as well as certain plans.

We will require:

  • Full access to the vessel inspection – all areas.
  • Full access to all log books and records.
  • Internal inspection of ballast tanks:

–          For all vessels – Fore peak, After peak, Double Bottom tanks (at least two) and if the vessel is constructed with vertical side wing tanks (at least two).

–          Tankers: Segregated Ballast Tanks, Cofferdams and Cargo Tanks (if gas free).

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Provide the following plans and documents / records for scrutiny and copies thereof:

  • All vessels: GA, Capacity, Mid-ship Section and Shell Expansion plans.
  • Tankers: Pumping Arrangement Plan, Pump Room Layout Arrangement Plans and Cargo Pump Specifications.
  • Builder’s particulars booklets – Hull & Machinery.
  • Latest UT gauging report.
  • Last Special Survey report.
  • Last Dry-docking report.
  • Last Dry Docking – maintenance and repair report from superintendent & ship repair contractors
  • Class Records, i.e. the latest “Quarterly listing of Surveys” / “Survey Status” (and if a bulk carrier, then the Enhanced Survey Records) including all Class Survey Reports (Hull and Machinery) issued since the last Dry Docking or Special Survey.
  • Machinery Records – maintenance etc., to include:

–          ME running hours.

–          Auxiliary Machinery running hours (all).

–          ME performance and running data.

–          ME cylinder and liner inspection report.

–          ME crankshaft deflection report.

–          ME clearances report – all main components.

–          Diesel Generators overhaul inspection reports, including crankshaft deflections.

–          Electrical Insulation Test – Megger test (latest).

–          Main Engine spares list.

–          Diesel Generators spares list.

–          Electrical spares list, including motors.

–          Lubricating Oil analysis for all machinery (including Main Engine, Auxiliary Engines, Stern Tube, Deck machinery, winches and cargo gear).

–          Boiler and Cooling water treatment records.

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2)      Ship Inspection Dubai | On Hire Off Hire Survey:

Such ship inspection surveys are undertaken by Constellation Marine Surveyors to limit the liability of the client prior to hiring the ship on service. This is carried out by ensuring correct information of the vessel’s condition and its equipment which is provided without prejudice. Such Survey usually occur before a ship is delivered into charter or redelivered from charter. Following areas are surveyed:

  • ship inspection Machinery Spaces
  • Cargo Spaces
  •  Accommodation
  • On board Safety Equipment
  • Certificate and classification records.
  • Maintenance system being planned and followed on ship.
  • Deck Department spares and paint inventory.
  • Painting Schedule and suppliers specification – all areas.
  • Cargo gear spares and record of wires in use.
  • Inventory of Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment, including list of dates of manufacture/supply and expiry of pyrotechnics, life rafts, portable fire extinguishers, fixed fire fighting installation, lifejackets, MOB signals, line throwing apparatus, lifeboat rations, first aid kits, thermal protective aids, immersion suits, medical chest etc.
  • Record of Safety Equipment.
  • Inventory of Navigation & Radio (GMDSS) equipment.
  • All ship’s Class and Statutory certificates, including SOPEP, Cargo Securing Manual and Loading Instrument as well as Grain & Stability Approval.
  • List of ‘ALL’ ship’s Certificates.
  • Planned Maintenance reports – recent monthly reports (deck and machinery) – covering a twelve (12) month period.
  • Cargo Records – previously carried cargoes for the past twenty-four (24) months.
  • Voyage Abstracts – speed and consumption for past 12-month period.
  • OCIMF report for Tankers.
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Ship and marine Surveyors in Dubai

Ship and Marine Surveyors in dubai

principle purpose marine  Survey on the assured’s vessel usually involves three stages. The Constellation Marine Surveyors ascertains:

(I) The nature of the casualty of ship;

(ii) The extent of the loss or damage of ship ;

(iii) The cause of the loss or damage of ship.

Other matters may arise from these and further information may be required, such as there commendations for mitigating the loss of ship, usually the type and extent of ship and marine repairs, or the identity of any party who may have a liability, i.e. the other party in a collision.


When the Constellation Marine surveyors  is appointed for  ship survey, report and obtain quotations, preliminary advice from the marine inspector followed by a short report containing the essential facts of the casualty in an easily assimilated form, is given in many small claims on pleasure craft.

The report contains information on the nature and extent of the casualty. It also contains the ship and marine surveyor’s opinion on cause but it is clarified with the instructing underwriters.

Constellation Marine’s surveyor will generally not go far wrong if he answers the following simple questions in his report: who, what, where, when, why and how? The last should include a brief reference to damage and repairs.

In case of small pleasure boats, runabouts and dinghies for example, there probably no requirement for any moreip  and repairs can be covered simply by attaching a copy of the specification given to the repairers, together with the quotations obtained by the Constellation Marine’s surveyor. To save unnecessary survey costs, underwriters are likely to be happy if such surveys and repairs are handled with the simple and routine practice of motor car assessors when reporting to motor vehicle insurers.

Unless repairs are deferred or are likely to include either contentious issues or major difficulties, the underwriter will not require much more and will rely upon the competence of the Constellation Marine’s surveyor to have discussed the necessary work adequately with the repairers. A lot will depend upon how much detail the underwriter expects and the Constellation Marine’s surveyor checks the requirement with their appointed underwriters.

Ship and Marine Surveyors in dubai

The size of the claim may have some bearing on number and frequency of reports required but this depends upon the underwriter’s wishes that it is difficult to give much guidance.

If the Constellation Marine’s surveyor is required only to survey, he prepares a repair specification and obtain quotations, his work may be soon completed and, after providing preliminary advice of a few important details, he provides a final report with attached quotations. If the underwriter makes almost all of his own enquiries, even that report may be brief.

If expected to have an ongoing involvement to see the repairs completed, possibly even to adjust and pursue third party liabilities, The Constellation Marine’s surveyor sends the below reports.
Preliminary Advice

The Constellation Marine surveyor promptly sends the preliminary advice after the first assessment of the situation. It is confidential to underwriters and serves the same purpose as when used with large commercial ship and marine vessel surveys.

Ship and marine surveyors in dubai– First Report

This report is also confidential to underwriters, this is sent as a follow-up to the preliminary advice if the former is lacking in information and the Constellation Marine  surveyor is acting as a loss adjuster in a claim management role wishing to keep the underwriters informed of the situation.

Field survey reports

These reports are not usually provided in the same way as is common with commercial vessels although the Constellation Marine’s surveyor is wise enough to leave the repairer with a hand written specification for the repairs agreed without prejudice, with a copy to the assured, as it assists in avoiding disputes and difficulties later.

For this purpose, Constellation Marine’s surveyor has carbon impregnated paper in pad form with a printed explanation of the procedures.

Progress reports

The Constellation Marine’s updates the situation if the matter becomes protracted. It is confidential and contains an update on progress and any necessary amendment to repair estimate industry.

Final report

This report depend very much upon underwriter’s wishes.

It is a formal report covering the nature and cause of the casualty with detail of the extent of damage, this report is not confidential and underwriters will probably make copies available to other parties.

This procedure suits small commercial craft surveys but is often not adopted with private pleasure craft. More often than not final, pleasure craft survey reports do not follow such a stereotyped approach and when repairs are completed, with copies of repair accounts received for checking, the Constellation Marines surveyor will report less formally.

The report covers the nature and outline extent of damage, or fuller details if called for, and reports completion of repairs attaching accounts with the Constellation Marine surveyors opinion that the repair costs are satisfactory or otherwise and relate to the casualty damage. If the surveyor disagrees with any of the expenses submitted, the reasons appear in the final report. The cause is also be required but this depends upon instructions.

Although probably expected by the underwriter as a confidential report, the Constellation Marine’s surveyor bears in mind that occasionally the underwriter elects to pass a copy on request to his assured or insurance broker. This report is written with this in mind.

The appointment includes an instruction to adjust the claim too. This adjustment appears in the final report or is submitted separately so that, in the event of any dispute with the assured over reasonable costs, the underwriter feels less inhibited by the Constellation Marine’s surveyor’s treatment of expenses in the adjustment.

If separate, the marine survey report and adjustment is made available to the assured if the underwriter wishes or the adjustment withheld and the underwriter’s preferred adjustment substituted.

In this report, nothing is mentioned, unlike the case of large commercial vessels, about the owner submitting an allegation as the cause of the damage and the Constellation Marine  surveyors doing no more than commenting on the allegation. In these claims the Constellation Marine’s surveyor gives his opinion on the cause in his report as the assured owner may not be technically competent to do so.


These are frequently a useful addition to any ship and survey report dubai.


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