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By the mid of 2015 – Constellation is running a count of 10500+ instructions, holding a vast knowledge base for facing the toughest challenges the seven oceans have to offer including offshore consultancy. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London registered company of Professional Marine Consultants. We render one of the best marine consultancy services for all your third party independent marine inspection and warranty needs.

As Ship Masters and Marine Engineers, our A-TEAM has  frequented  the world´s busiest ports and shipping lines and with active training have achieved the highest industry standards in fields like pollution control at sea, environmental pollution response, oil transportation(of various sizes ranging handy size tankers to ULCC’s) etc.

Members of our core team with the avid support of staff comprising of experienced consultants have only one mindset, SETTING HIGHER STANDARDS OF RELIABILITY AND CONSISTENCY TO YOUR BUSINESS.

marine surveyor company dubai | Marine Services


•Hull and structural damage surveys on-board barges/tugs & all types of ships

•Investigations into grounding, collisions and contact damages. Fixed & Floating object damage assessment

•Oil pollution claims & assistance with clean-up operations

•Casualty inspections, internal safety audits and personal injury investigations

•Inquiry into overloading of vessel

•Assisting Master in stability calculation, Project cargo loading and investigation

•Container Surveys: Condition, Damage & Repair Estimates. Cargo worthiness certification

•Towing and fastening surveys, warranty surveys

•Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigations into Marine Accidents including grounding, Collisions and/or contact damages to fixed & Floating Objects

marine survey company dubai | For Your Independent Cargo Inspection Need

•Pre-discharge / Pre-loading condition survey of cargoes

•Pre-loading inspection of ships cargo holds

•marine cargo surveys

•Lashing and sea fastening surveys at Bahrain,Qatar,abudhabi

•Investigations of cargo contamination claims of bulk liquids

•Project cargo & heavy lifts – Stowage, Lashing approvals and Superintendence

•Cargo Super intendents surveys

•Ultrasound inspection on hatch covers while conducting full P & I condition surveys

•Refrigerated cargo surveys, container damage and malfunction claims

•Sealing and unsealing of cargo holds and drawing cargo samples

•Inaccessible cargo space surveys to measure hatch volume

•Draft Survey to Estimate the quantity of cargo loaded/discharged

Marine Surveyor Company Dubai | For Your Vessel Surveys

•Bunker surveys on board ships

•Sale and Purchase inspections. Ship Valuation certification. Chartered Engineers Certification

•Third party ship condition inspections on behalf of P & I and Hull machinery

•Upgrading vessel’s draft, cargo carriage capacity etc.

•Advice on technical issues faced on marine vessels

•Ship management advice including contracts, operational costs, surveys etc.

•MARINE CHEMIST and Gas Free inspections

•SIRE Vetting

•Magnetic Compass adjustors, Deviation card plotting.

Marine Surveyor Company Dubai | For Your Dream Yacht

•Inspection of boat structures, electrical, engines and joinery works

•Sales, purchases & evaluations

•Comprehensive sea trials & recommendations with follow-ups

•Accuracy Standards Verifications & Repair Supervision

•Compass deviations & adjusting

•Sea trail of yachts

•Registration for UAE Flags

Marine Surveyor Company Dubai | Naval Architects

•Ship Design, Verification and assessment


•Trim and Stability

•Strength Calculations

•Tank Calibrations

•Full CADD service

•Inclining Experiments

marine survey company dubai | Supervising Your Fleets of Vessel

•Planning and implementation of retrofitting or renewal of deck cranes on bulk carriers

•Dry dock preparation and supervision

•SUPERINTENDENCE of vessels during Dry-Docking, afloat repairs and technical investigation

•Port Captaincy

Marine Surveyor Company Dubai | For All General Marine Needs

•Investigations into stoppages at sea, diversions and delays

•Inquiry into fire and marine accidents (Diploma Specialization)

•General average surveys and draft surveys

•Casualty inspections, internal safety audits and personal injury investigations

•Charter party contract negotiations and commercial disputes

•Expert advice on Legal disputes

•Mooring masters and STS (Ship to Ship) transfer Superintendents

Marine Surveyor Company Dubai | Our Recent Assignment

1] (2011) Ultrasonic testing of Hatch covers, and water tight Integrity verification.

2] (2011) Bulk Sampling/Bulk liquid Surveys.

3] (2011) Yacht inspection and evaluations.

4] (2010) Cargo Superintendence.

5] (2010) Cargo Measurement surveys.

6] (2010) Bunker Surveys.

7] (2009) Comprehensive Sea Trial and Condition Inspection carried out by Constellation – MAJESTY 121, MEGA YACHT.

8] (2009) Vessel Towed due to Alleged Main Engine breakdown in Mid-Indian Ocean – Consultation towards various on board issues.

9] (2009) OIL Pollution Mitigation

10] (2009) Feasibility study of a Cruise terminal, for safe berthing unberting of Ocean going Cruisers – A report on all aspects of Berthing, safe access to Pier and adequacy of fenders.

11] (2009) Investigation and assessing causes leading to solidification of Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO) cargo leading to an unpumpable ROB and facilitating in establishing prudent procedures to adopt for successfully de-mucking the cargo holds of all solidified ROB cargo.

12] (2009) Damage caused to containers and vessel due to falling of container while loading and subsequent supervision of cross stuffing of cargo in to substitute containers.

13] (2009) Damage Assessment of a Heavy Lift (60.000 M.Tons) collapsed by accident caused by a truck within the JEBEL ALI port premi

14] (2009) Oil pollution investigation and response by us.

15] (2009) Investigation for collision of Jebel Ali involving Loaded Tanker & Container Vessel.

16] (2008) Argon Explosion on a Container Ship at high seas: Damage assessment – detailed report

17] (2008) Project Cargo Loss over board due to possible improper Lashing

18] (2008) Grounding investigation – Underwater inspection

19] (2008) Engine and Steering gear damage investigation

20] (2007) Collision Damage Investigation and Assessment of Repairs Undertaken – A detailed report.

21] (2007) Ship’s Pontoon Dropped by Port Operators – Accident investigation & Root Cause analysis.

22] (2007) Condition Inspection, Loading and securing of yacht Azimuth 103 and 105S at Dubai Marina.

23] (2007) Collision Investigation – Representing Hull & Machinery Underwriters.

24] (2007) Consignment of Electric Cable Drums – Cause, nature and extent of damaged cargo shipped as break bulk.

25] (2007) Pre-discharge Inspection of Steel Cargo Shipments – alleged water ingress into cargo holds.

26] (2007) Cargo Loading and Lashing Supervision and Certification of adequacy of Lashing.

27] (2007) Chemical Cargo – Sampling of Benzene Cargo with Water Contamination Prior Discharge.

28] (2007) Bulk Wheat – Contamination, Claim and Sampling. Alleged Pest Infestation.

29] (2007) Safe Work Authorisation Survey on the prestigious third largest Cruse ship “Queen Victoria” at Dubai Porton behalf of DP world ports.

Marine Surveyor Company Dubai | The Stars That Make Up This Constellation

•Captain Zarir Irani (NAMS-CMS; MIIMS; MICS; MNI; MBA)  +971 508979103

•Chtrd Eng.D.Shenoy (B.E; MIE; AIIS; MIIMS)+971 501726940

•Ops.Manager.Jos Roy +971 501889614

•Captain Diptiman Guha  +971 55 1158694

•Captain Shahrom Falati  +971 56 1421168

•Captain Delzin Irani  +971 50 1527939

Marine Survey Company Dubai | Address And Contact Details


The most prestigious and famous “Dubai Towers” from where Dubai operations are executed.

Captain Zarir Irani (MBA, DipMarSur, MICS, MNI, MIIMS)

M.D., Partner

Constellation Marine Services LLC

The Citadel, # 806, Business Bay

PO Box – 191105, Dubai, UAE.


Line1: +971 4 4518060

Line2: +971 4 4232884

Fax:   +971 4 4232894

A.O.H.: +971 50 8979103


Captain Diptiman Guha (Master Mariner – Tankers)

Manager Abu Dhabi Surveying Operations

Mobile: +97155-1158694.

Emirates Tower, No. 224/225, Hamdan Street

PO Box 27818

Abu Dhabi,

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 2 6713320

Fax: +971 2 6713325


We are 5 minutes drive from the Main Fujairah port overseeing the Hilton Hotel where speed of response is of utmost important to execute most offshore anchorage assignments.

Capt.Shahrom Falati (Branch Manager)

Mobile: +97156 1149920.

Constellation Marine Services

P.O. Box – 9071, Fujairah, UAE.

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