Marine Surveyor Dubai: Testimonials

Code of Honour & Vision


Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity
Delon Fonseca

  • Hired Constellation as a Business Consultant in 2008 , and hired more than once“Ambitious, hard working and a reliable surveyors whom we have no hesitation in recommending to anyone in the shipping fratenity. He has done extremely well for himself since the establishment of his firm and in a short time has earned a good reputation. I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.”

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity
Meena Mathews – Hired constellation as a Survey in 2009 , and hired more than once.

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Marine Surveyor Dubai Testimonials

  • “As General Manager of the Dubai Marina Yacht Club/Emaar Properties; Zarir’s organization was hired to survey a 50 ton marine staddle lift for valuation prior to its sale. I have participated in the hiring of well over 300 marine surveyors and can say with confidence that our survey from Constellation Marine Services was one of the most thorough and conscientious I have observed. It was marked with meticulous attention to detail and scrupulous integrity. I would recommend Zarir/Constellation Marine Services without hesitation.”

Top qualities:Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Steve Stiglbauer – Hired ZARIR as a Marine Surveying

  • “I’ve known Zarir Irani as my client since the past 2 years, during which I developed and maintained his company’s website. He’s always open to new ideas, likes to see them put into action and always has a positive view of things. I believe he’s a true entrepreneur and his actions, professionalism and style of working are often an inspiration to me. Zarir constantly asks for ways to improve his website so that it reaches out to clients worldwide and in this endeavour he has left no stone unturned in exploring all possibilities. Zarir is a very professional person but yet has a distinct touch of friendliness and it’s a great pleasure to have him as a client.”

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Marine Surveyor Dubai: Testimonials

Kayomarz Gazder , Owner , Embbox Solution – was a consultant or contractor to ZARIR at Constellation Marine services

  • “Zarir is a go getter and a Professional to the core. Has had credible success in all his ventures and is well connected in the Marine industry.”

Zubin Wadia , CHIEFENGINEER , FIVE STARS SHIPPING CO. – worked with ZARIR at Five Stars Shipping Co.

  • “Zarir is a strong willed, go-getter. He understands his clients needs and will not rest till the “job” is done.”

Sorab Bhathena , Director , Seaspeed Marine Management LLC – was with another company when working with ZARIR at Constellation Marine services

“While I know Zarir socially and have not had any direct professional dealings with him, I am very much aware that in recent past he has offered his services to the company and did what he did with much diligence and professionalism.Going beyond this point, one must appreciate Zarir for his great entrepreneur spirit and willingness to work hard – qualities that typically permeate from a person into his or her entity as an extension of themselves. Zarir has achieved much in the brief time elapsed since he started Constellation, and will no doubt continue to do so. My sincere wishes and prayers for success are always with him, his exceptional wife Ferzin and the whole team at Constellation.”

Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity
Pradeep Luthria – hired ZARIR as a Marine Surveying
Regional Director – Middle East at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

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Marine Surveyor Dubai Testimonials

  • “Dedication, Commitment and Honesty are the words that come attomatically when you think of ZARIR. I can blindly entrust the task to him and relax knowing it will not only be completed as required but executed par excellence.”

Gurvinder Singh Narain , MANAGING PARTNER , GLOBAL PROCESSING L.L.C – was with another company when working with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

  • “I have known Zarir for over two decades as s friend and colleague. He is hardworking, sincere and has a great sense of humor.”

Gustad Irani , Owner , Organic Design Workshop – was with another company when working with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

  • “Zarir was THE LIVE WIRE of our SPJ life. He always amazed everyone with the energy and intensity he brought in whether he was wearing a professional hat, a student hat, a father hat or a husband hat. I had privilege to be close to him and was a silent admirer of his focus, his intellect and his humor in the toughest of the situations. We all can never forget our formative days at B school when we were taught about delivery of our batch presentations. Zarir had a unique style of presenting which was very entertaining and yet always delivered the content. That to me was Zarir. He would tackle the toughest of the situations with a distinct humor and yet come out with a solution. I am sure there will be enough credible people recommending him in his professional life but here I am who recommends Zarir with all my conviction and intellect both as a trusted professional as well as a trusted friend.”

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Marine Surveyor Dubai: Testimonials

Sameer Sharma , Student , S P Jain Centre of Management – worked directly with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

  • “Zarir is an extremely erudite and astute professional highly regarded in the maritime industry. He is known for his achievements and respected for his accurate advice to clients.”

Rohit Bhatia , Director , Wade Maritime Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – was with another company when working with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

  • “It is a great pleasure for me to write a few words for Capt Zarir. I had the opportunity to work directly with Capt Zarir during my internship at Constellation Marine Services. He is a person who has a keen eye for details and does not rest until things are perfect. He is a clearly a leader, a very efficient manager and a visionary to the core. He has put tremendous efforts to take Constellation Marine to new heights in such a short span of time. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

Anil Kumar Agarwal , MBA , S P Jain Center of Management – worked directly with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

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Marine Surveyor Dubai: Testimonials

  • “Capt Zarir Irani needs no recommendation as his knowledge, actions and expertise speak louder than words. His knowledge of the marine field is phenomenal and he has an expert team by his side to catalyse his directives. In essence, Capt Irani is the best of the best. I reiterate this without any bias or any personal acquaintance that we may share.”

Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , High Integrity
C.M. Suri – hired ZARIR as a Marine consultancy in 2006 , and hired ZARIR more than once

  • “Zarir is a dedicated and hard working professional working honestly in the Insurance industry for the welfare of shipping industry.”

Bs Koli , Consultant , NewsLink Services India Pvt Ltd – worked with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

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Marine Surveyor Dubai Testimonials

  • “Zarir is a strong go-getter, has a positive and resut oriented outlook, is not content to sit and watch the world go by – always on the prowl for new avenues and is also a close personal friend of mine.”

Sorab Bhathena , Director , Seaspeed Marine Management LLC – was with another company when working with ZARIR at International Institute of Marine Surveying – UK (IIMS)

“Zarir for me has always been a trail blazer. A person who believes in charting his own course rather than follow others.” October 6, 2009
Abhijit Naik , Marine Consultant , Inchcape Shipping Services – was with another company when working with ZARIR at E n R

  • “Dynamic, Gogetter, Hardworking, Visionary are a few words than can be used to decribe Zarir, i have known him for over 5 years now and have seen him climb the heights of success as an entrepruneur and i know for sure that he can only grow more from here on. I wish him all the best and much success in life because he surely deserves it.”

Rahul Amin , SP JAIN Center of management – studied with ZARIR at SPJ

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Marine Surveyor Dubai Testimonials

  • “I have known Zarir for 2 decades now. He is still the same and has not lost the touch of being a ‘LIVE WIRE’. He is go getter and achieves what he has set out to do. An ideal colleague and friend that you can trust and look up to at any time in need. I surely recommend him to all my colleagues, as he is good at what he does. My wishes and prayers are always with him.”

Umesh Gosalia, Manager – H.O Accounts and Admin, SHARJAH OXYGEN COMPANY

  • We appreciate Chtrd Engr Shenoy’s excellent survey  work. Please provide your company’s profile and details of services provided by your Company to approach you for our Company’s requirements.

Vision: To grow into a distinct international and multi-cultural service provider to the shipping industry.

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Recommendations For ZARIR

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Marine Surveyor Dubai | Contact Us

We are strategically located at key shipping areas around the globe with Head Quarters in Dubai and Corporate office in the U.K. and branch offices in Fujairah, Abu Dhabi and Associate offices in L.A., Perth and S.A. (Cape Town, Durban). The U.K. office is at the marine Business hub of Liverpool Street area (Zone 2) of London; Our Dubai office is overlooking the world famous tallest building “Burj Khalifa” in the Business Bay area of Dubai; Abu Dhabi office is strategically located in the famous Emirate Towers at 5 minutes driving distance to the Abu Dhabi port; Outside the main Fujairah port is our Branch office at Fujairah.

All our offices are headed by either a Master Mariner or an Experienced Marine Engineer. Speed of response to an inquiry or an instruction are Constellations’ biggest virtues.

marine surveyor dubai | Dubai

Captain Zarir I. (Partner)

Constellation Marine Services LLC
The Citadel, No. 806, Business Bay
Dubai, UAE
P. Box – 191105/251843,
Tel:    +971 4 4232884
Fax:    +971 4 4232894
After office Hrs H.P.    +971 50 8979103
Res Tel:    +971 4 2885712
Fax:     +971 4 4234894
E-mail: const.dubai@constellationms.com


Mr. Julien Gressier
(Jr. Partner)

Capt. John Noble

Constellation Marine Services
2 Austin Street
(off Shorditch High street)
London E2 7NB.
Office: +44 207 7396510
Fax:    +44 207 7392263
Mobile: +44 7876211489 (Julien Grassier)
Mobile: +44 7785226553 (Capt. John Noble)
Email: const.london@constellationms.com


Ms. Lee, (Branch Co-coordinator)
Address: 10 Anson Road, No. 27/13,
International Plaza,
Singapore (079903)
Telephone:   (65)6223 3071
Mobile: (65) 9698 1519
Fax: (65)6223 3076
Email: const.sgp@constellationms.com


Captain S. Sundar (Branch Manager)
(Master Mariner – Tankers)
Mr Jacob Jackson
(Asst. Branch Manager, Fujairah)

Constellation Marine Services
Al Maha Tower, 1st Floor # 103
Shwais Street, Opposite Port of Fujairah
P. Box 9071
Tel: +971 9 2236344
Fax: +971 9 2236343
A.O.H.: +971 56 1421168/+971 50 1527939
Email: const.fujairah@constellationms.com

Abu Dhabi

Constellation Marine Services
Emirates Tower, No. 224/225, Hamdan Street,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
P. Box 27818
Tel: +971 2 6713320
Fax: +971 2 6713325
Email: Email: const.abudhabi@constellationms.com

Marine surveyor dubai | Team

Captain Zarir Irani                             +971 508979103
Captain S. Sundar                               +971 561421168
Capt. Diptiman Guha                         +971 551158694
Chartered Engineer Shenoy              +971 501726940
Engineer Aloysius Soares                  +971 501405188
Engineer Sameer Damle                   +971 509026130
Mr. Jos Roy                                          +971 501889614
Mr. Jacob Jackson                              +971 501527939
Mr. Farooq Shedde                             +971 501889613
Mr. Suneeh                                           +971 506518843
Mr. Joshi                                               +971 507348621
Mr. Thilina                                            +971 529815089
Mr. Malik                                               +971 529815049

Marine Surveyor Dubai | Trial Offer

Marine Surveyor Dubai Trial offer

If nominations posted via internet and via this website, marine surveyor dubai offer our standard rates on the appended appointments:

  • Pre-discharge / Pre-loading condition survey of cargoes ( this includes steel cargoes and project cargo supervision).
  • Pre-loading inspection of ships cargo holds (this is for pre-loading inspection and suitability certification, also load out surveys.)
  • Project cargo & heavy lifts – Stowage, Lashing approvals and Superintendence. (lashing certificates and load out approvals will attract this discount officer)
  • Ultrasound inspection on hatch covers while conducting full P & I condition surveys. (Ultra sound hatch testing inspection will be discounted as a trial offer)
  • Refrigerated cargo surveys, container damage and malfunction claims. (if notified within the first day of claim being notified, this is because speed of response is very important)
  • Sealing and unsealing of cargo holds and drawing cargo samples ( discount offered only on bulk cargo sampling)
  • Draft Survey to Estimate the quantity of cargo loaded/discharged. (only on initial and final draft survey, intermediate draft survey)
  • Bunker surveys on board ships. (introductory offer only valid for on shore surveys, offshore bunker surveys not valid)
  • Sale and Purchase condition inspections
  • Ship Valuation certification
  • Chartered Engineers Certification
  • Third party ship condition inspections for Hull underwriters.
  • SIRE pre-Vetting (offer valid for an attendance of over 2 days)
  • Magnetic Compass adjustors, Deviation card plotting (offer only valid for offshore fujairah)

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Marine Surveyor Dubai Trial Offer | For your Dream Yacht (motor boat or sailing yacht):

  • Inspection of boat structures, electrical, engines and joinery works.
  • Comprehensive sea trials & recommendations with follow-ups
  • Sea trail of yachts
  • Registration inspection for UAE Flag
  • Naval Architects
  • Inclining Experiments (offer only in Dubai waters)

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Marine Surveyor Dubai | Ultra Sound hatch leak testing in progress during one of the pre-entry condition inspections at Kuwait for Loss prevention department of an underwriter

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Marine Surveyor Dubai | Our Team


























Marine Surveyor Dubai | Why Us

We introduce ourselves as a Dubai registered company of Professional and Experience Marine Consultants having Master Marine / Engineers / Naval Architects for the purpose of rendering consultancy services to P & I Clubs, Hull and Machinery underwriters, TT club, Ports, marine transport companies, Liners, marine cargo interests & cargo underwriters, Ship owners and Charterers.

Please watch this video for  more information about marine surveyor dubai

We established ourselves in handling various facets of marine services including pollution claims on behalf of ports and P & I clubs. The operation has grown from strength and to date, conducts survey for a large number of worldwide principals.

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Professionalism and resort presentation, coupled with speed of response, has resulted in CONSTELLATION MARINE SERVICES offering consultancy and survey work for all International Group Protection & Indemnity Clubs. We also offer assistance to the Maritime Legal Fraternity, covering both commercial and technical areas.

Today the company has 12 fulltime marine professional on pay rolls (Including Captains and Engineers) and present in 4 countries: UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Fujairah), UK (London), INDIA (New Delhi) and Australia (Perth).

SERVCO Insurance

Foiling Fraud

Mentoring Giver’s Gain

The Report July 2011

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Protection Policy

Marine Surveyor Dubai | Our Guarantee


The experience of our STARS adds up to over 100 years of Marine and Surveying experience. `Constellation is committed to protect its Stars.’

Marine Surveyor Dubai: Accident and Medical Cover

All Constellation Marine Services staff is covered by a comprehensive group accident and medical plan from door to door including travel. We also have liability insurance in place for a considerably large sum per occurrence. These policies are placed with in London and USA and also with local underwriters.

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Marine Surveyor Dubai | Professional Liability Insurance

Constellation Marine Services has an insurance cover with Two International Professional Companies :International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd (ITIC) for Professional liability (valid until 30th April 2015) and with Servco Insurance Services, USA for Marine Liability Insurance with Limits of Liability (Valid until 15th December 2013)

There has been careful declaration to the underwriters made to ensure that there is no duplication of cover to restrict doubling of the risk cover.

Please fill in the form on the right side for more information about Our Guarantee.

The need for increased Cover was felt last year in October 2007 and an email intimation was sent to all clients on 18th October 07. There is also a consideration of a mandatory local cover.

For your reference, detailed profiles of our Surveyors can be viewed by clicking on their names in the left hand side of the page, under ‘Stars of this Constellation’.

Please fill in the form on the right side for more information about Our Guarantee.

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Marine Surveyor Dubai

Are You Looking For A Marine Surveyors Dubai Whom Even Insurance Companies Trust?

Marine surveyor Dubai: If you are interested in a marine surveyor who will give you an ethical finding, and work with you to solve your issue. A marine surveyor company where each marine surveyor is qualified and responds quickly ... then this is going to be the most beneficial site you will visit for marine surveying.

Here's why:

Constellation Marine surveyors offer wide range of marine services  like:

  • Valuation of ships and yachts
  • Valuation of industrial machinery - fork lifts, cranes, ship engines, turbines, boilers, refrigeration, marine warranty surveys, insurance claims, loss adjusting claims, consultancy bunker surveys, draft surveys, quantity surveys, oil and bulk cargoes, cargo condition surveys, sea fastening surveys, project cargo consultancy, heavy lift stowage planning, port captaincy, dry dock superintendence, expediting repairs of ships, compass adjusting and issuance of deviation cards for ships' magnetic compass, seaworthiness certification, towage approvals, loading supervision, cargo condition survey
  • Tall survey - project & break bulk cargo certification of ship's lifting gear, bollard pull certification, safety training on board vessels, TMSA tanker management, safety approvals,tanker vetting, cargo expediters, port captain, registration of yachts, registration of ships, flag state inspectors, execute inclining experiments, marine accident investigations, Prevention and Indemnity club inspections, pre-entry surveys, independent marine consultancy, ultra sound hatch leak testing, inspection of vessels going for demolition voyages, paint inspections, paint and coating inspections, new building inspection, naval architects, ballast inspection, ISM audits, ISPS audits, pre-vetting of tankers and supply boats on hire, off hire inspection of vessels, chartered ship broker, superintendence for ship to ship transfer of oil cargoes, STS operation, transfers e.g. oil, mooring masters, ship repair supervision, expediting underwater hull

Marine Surveyor Dubai | Maritime Surveyor DubaiImagine being able to give your assignment to a marine surveyor dubai and know that you won't have to chase after them? Because you know that they will give you full information text message updates, situation reports and team response for the work?

Imagine that your marine surveyor dubai will respond immediately to your call! Because you know that they speak a language of minutes, not hours or days. That they understand not only the work ethic required, but also how time is critical. Captain Zarir Irani, the Managing Director of Constellation Marine Services himself captained a large vessel for years.

Wouldn't it be great to get updates on your mobile phone 24/7 as the job progresses?

Or what about if your marine surveyor dubai with 13000+ assignments completed so far in UAE alone, gave you personalized service and a 24/7 access to its owner? How would that feel if you could have this? At no extra cost!

Imagine being able to receive independent professional advice from a marine surveyor Dubai, who is backed by a professional indemnity cover, and where each surveyor is fully trained with a 1 year diploma? It truly is possible, but you will need to get in touch with us at Constellation Marine Services.

That's what we at Constellation Marine Service could help you to do.

And we're not like any other marine surveyor Dubai you've ever worked with before. One who will give you an ethical finding. Where each surveyor is qualified. And where the speed of response is the language we speak.


Simply, every part of our operating philosophy is there because "you asked for it." Well, not "you" really. But from real live questions. Questions from our 4,500 clients who have already tried our services!

Then we modified and improved our operational abilities in the direction they had suggested. And added services they had asked for!

Which means no fluff! Just the real services and results you want.

From Constellation Marine Services, you'll discover all types of ways we get your work done better.

Here's a small peak at what you'll discover when we do your assignment:

  • That Captain Zarir Irani, our Managing Director is also the Regional Director of the International Institute of Marine Surveying [IIMS]
  • How we make it easy for you to contact the person who is doing your job directly
  • How we ensure that you get, directly from the person doing your job, sms or email situation reports of progress
  • Why we insist on maintaining our professional integrity reporting as is and what is not what it should or can be. And then how we help you to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently
  • How we make it easy for you to get the straight facts in vessel surveys

Discover in a matter of minutes how to solve problems immediately by getting practical solutions to have a way forward without endangering anything.

How we are quickly able to adapt to your requirements of the assignment, access technical information, and use the necessary expertise to get the job done to the completeness of the scope.

How, by our having access to 3 shipping hubs in the UAE we are a great benefit to you.

Why, because we have 24x7 availability on site of a Master Mariner, we save you time and money

The benefit you can get from our knowledge of local ports for over 9 years, and of 100 years collectively of the maritime industry.

Have you been looking for a marine surveyor Dubai like this for ages? Discover the advantages you get in working with Constellation Marine Services, the only member of IIMS and the Technical Committee of National Association of Marine Surveyors, USA. And how we are able to always access the right skilled people to support us.

Why we disclose so much information about our people right here on our website.

Proof of our experience that the job you are giving us has probably been done by us before and well enough such that our satisfied customers are repeat clients.

How despite our size and experience we are willing to do even small jobs.

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out when you give your assignment to Constellation Marine Services, a marine surveyor Dubai. That's why you should fill in the form on this page and contact us today (in fact, you can be in contact with us in as little as 5 minutes from now!)

What's having a resource like this, just a phone call away, worth to you?

And hey, don't take my word for it on how great our service is. Listen to what people just like you have to say about it:


As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the taste. And these people are super happy. Just like you'll be.

You can't leave this page empty handed, can you?

For a mere 30 seconds of your time to fill in the form on this page, you're getting access to us, the way you need ... PLUS MORE. Just imagine being able to get started with Constellation Marine Services, a marine surveyor Dubai, right away.

Don't forget. Fill in the form on this page right now and we can be discussing your assignment within 48 hrs!

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