Marine Inspection Companies Dubai

Julien Gressier Holds Constellation Marine’s Marketing Portfolio

A trained architect and with a fine acumen to design Yachts, Mr. Gressier having spent considerable number of years in Germany and thereafter in France, is well known in the much sought after European Shipping circles and clients.

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Being based in London at the Liverpool street area of shipping and underwriting hub, Mr. Grassier with his command over fluent written and spoken French, German and English Languages is well connected to the following in the shipping industry:

  • Salvage Companies
  • Insurance Brokerage firms / Ship Brokers
  • P & I Clubs and their Management offices.
  • Marine Law firms & Lawyers, arbitrators.
  • Hull and Machinery Underwriters
  • Auctioneers
  • Bankers / Financial Institutions
  • Oil Majors
  • Ship Owners / Charterer’s

The above listed form most of constellation marine’s client based internationally.

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