Tanker Vetting Dubai

Capt. S.R Chitla: 13 years of progressive experience at Sea including Command and over two years of working ashore in a senior Management position, the skills gained which include management of human resources, logistics, cargo handling, crisis management, risk management and implementing strong leadership capabilities to help onshore companies further their profits. An innate understanding of Marine matters and updated regulatory affairs have proven ability to work in unison with Shore Based marine organisations and Business Development for a successful and lasting career ashore.

Tanker Vetting Dubai | Professional Experience

His past experience includes sailing worldwide on Oil/Chemical tankers in the ranks of Chief Officer and as Master Mariner. He is presently employed as Branch Manager, Abu Dhabi UAE extending Oil /Chemical tanker expertise to the Marine Industry all over the world.

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Tanker Vetting Dubai | Qualifications/ Education

  • Master Unlimited – Maritime & Coastguard Agency, UK
  • Pursuing one year Diploma in Marine Surveying and specialized in Yachts and Small Crafts from International Institute of Marine Surveying, affiliated with University of Plymouth
  • Completed all exams but one in the Member of Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers (ICS) and await result for the exam given in April, 2011
  • B Tech HND in Nautical Science, UK

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tanker vetting dubai | Experience Ashore

  • Elected the Management Representative (MR) of the organization that I am presently serving in since February 2011
  • During the course of my employment ashore, I have independently carried out various Marine related jobs including various P&I Claims, Pre-Entry Inspections, Hull& Machinery Surveys, Towage Approvals, Ship/Cargo Condition Surveys for Valuation, Break Bulk Surveys, Cargo Expeditors, Pre-Purchase Surveys, Magnetic Compass Adjustment, Accident Investigation on all types of Ships, Investigation of Contamination Claims of various Refined Oil Products, Crude Oil and, Chemicals in Bulk and served as a Mooring Master during Ship-to-Ship Operations
  • Investigation into leaking containers and supervision of Cross stuffing as representative appointed for one of the busiest ports in the on behalf of their P&I Club
  • Independent Inspection of Yachts and Small crafts structures, engines and joinery works
  • Sales, purchases & evaluations of Yachts
  • Comprehensive sea trials & recommendations with follow-ups
  • Accuracy Standards Verifications & Repair Supervision

Audits& Inspections

  • · Carried out ISM, ISPS, ISO based audits and inspections for vessels.
  • · Formulated CAP for close out of audit NC’s/observations and submissions to various authorizing bodies.


  • · OCIMF VIQ based pre vetting inspections for tankers including DPP/CPP/Bitumen-Asphalt Carriers.


  • · Shipboard implementation and training of personnel for ISM procedures.
  • · SMS Implementation.
  • · Practical Safety & Fire Prevention Training.
  • · Assisting the Claims Department in Investigation & Analysis of various Cargo Claims.


  • · Managed and developed ship staff into goal-oriented, cohesive group

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  • PTW Course as approved to issue various Permits to Work across the ports of UAE.
  • All STCW 95 courses
  • Specialized Training Program on Chemical Tanker operations
  • Specialized Training Program on Oil Tanker operations
  • Medicare
  • Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation
  • Ship Handling course
  • Navigation, Radar & ARPA Simulator Training
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids
  • Radar Observations and Plotting
  • Bridge Team Management
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Company Security Officer

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