marine and ship surveyors hatch inspection report

marine and ship surveyors hatch inspection report

Our marine and ship surveyors were hired for the inspection of cargo holds to be clean and tidy, on the behalf of a maritime consultant company. It took place in March of 2014, at the outer anchorage, Fujairah.

Details of the survey:

Vessel was in ballast condition at the Fujairah anchorage. The inspection took around 11 hours to complete.

There were 5 cargo holds on board. The hatches were operated using hydraulics and was of the folding type. The staff on board reported that they had conducted the hose test of holds just one day prior to the survey.

Further, our marine inspector learnt that the vessel was delivered from the shipyard on October 2010.

Getting into the specifics of the survey –

The Hatch coaming, compression bar, securing arrangement, drains, gasket, bulkheads, stiffeners, tank top, pipes, access ladders, bilges and manholes were found to be good condition; The water ingress alarm and Bilge alarm were fitted and tested in front of our attending surveyor. However, our surveyor noted that there were no Bilge pumps, only fire and GS pumps.
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The marine surveyor also practiced a thorough inspection for corrosion, buckling, and general condition of the holds.

The structure, coating, ladders, vent pipes, protection for the pipes were found to be in good condition, for all 5 of the cargo holds. There was no water leakage, nor any grooving on the shell frames.

Further, the ship surveyor concludes that the holds are suitable for water sensitive, grain and the intended cargos.

The cargo hatch covers and coamings details were also tabulated. The plating condition, coaming, compression bars, sealing arrangements, gasket and drainage channels, landing pad condition and hydraulic system were all found to be in good condition. The panels were aligned, booby hatches in good condition and there was no evidence of water ingression.

The vessel master had informed our Surveyor that the cargo holds were planned to be lime washed after departure from Fujairah.

Our marine surveyor has concluded that the vessel was maintained well and was in a good condition. Further, all 5 of the crates were observed to be in clean condition.

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