Mr.Edwara camaya

Marine Surveyor.

8 Years of work experiences in various fields of Marine Hull and Machinery Damage Survey, P&I Insurance Survey, Cargo Condition and Damage Survey, Oil, Gas and Chemical, Agriculture, Mineral and Steel Cargo Loading/Discharging Supervision and Inspections (Quantity and Quality), Sludge Monitoring and Discharging Survey, Ballast Water Condition and Sampling, Cargo Hold & Cargo Tank Suitability Cleanliness Survey, Cargo Hold Hatch Cover Leak Survey, On/Off Hire Bunker and Vessel Condition Survey,

Area of Expertise
A) On/Off – Hire Bunker and Condition Survey
B) Cargo Hold & Cargo Tank Suitability Cleanliness Survey
C) Cargo Hatch Cover Leak Survey
D) Sludge Monitoring and Discharging Survey
E) Ballast Water Condition and Sampling Survey

A) All types of Cargo Damage/Contamination Survey
B) Hull and Machinery Damage Survey
C) Cargo Quantity Shortage Investigation
D) Public Liability & Contact Damaged Survey
E) Crew & Personnel Injury Investigation
F) Container (Reefer/Dry) Damage Survey

CARGO SURVEY (Oil/Gas/Chemical/Agriculture/Mineral/Steel Cargo)
A) Loading/Unloading supervision
B) Quality/Sampling Survey
C) Cargo Condition Survey
C) Quantity Survey (Draft Survey/Cargo Tank & Shore Tank Gauging Survey)

A) Stuffing & De stuffing surveys (All Commodities )
B) Container Condition/cargo surveys
D) Empty container inspection for cleanliness/fitness.

Contact Details:
Mobile: +971 56 8288187
Tel. : +971 4 4232884 & +971 4 4518060
Fax : +971 4 4232884
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